Logistics & Supply Chain Services

We offer a wide range of logistics solutions to the entire supply chain, from a basic site review identifying the use of best practice methods through stock-take support to customized solutions and complete project management.

Our aim is to support your business in achieving a cost effective, demand driven supply chain.

Fusions Logistics brings to your business extensive experience from many years senior management across local businesses and global corporations, on-site manufacturers, importers and exporters, self-managed and 3PL warehousing (as both client and service provider), FMCG and industrial products, food products and dangerous goods. Not only supply chain, but also contract management and key account management.

Short Term Cover

  • Supply Chain or Warehouse management support while recruiting or during pressure periods.
  • Project support - independent focussed project management or contributing task completion without the distractions of day to day operational activity.

Warehouse design, layout and operational systems

  • Complete analysis and understanding of your warehousing and distribution systems to determine the impact on service performance and overall cost.
  • Relocations - establishing pick path and stock locations. Project planning the actual move.
  • We undertake a full evaluation process of your current warehouse design, layout and equipment, developing recommendations to maximise your warehouse operating efficiency.

Evaluation of outsourcing options

  • Evaluating third party service providers to determine the viability of outsourcing logistics services.
  • What is best for your organization - self managed, 3PL, 4PL
  • We work with clients to create an agreed evaluation plan, allowing a balanced cost/benefit analysis of outsourcing and selection of the optimum provider, if appropriate.

Stock-take management/supervision/analysis

  • Ensure proper stock-take preparations are completed.
  • Active involvement in stock-take process and supervision of related activities.
  • Focused attention to stock-take initial results, analysis and investigations.
  • Regular support as required.


  • Determine best process flows to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Analyse data to validate systems and resolve problems.
  • Root Cause Analysis and Job Safety Analysis.
  • Strong attention to detail.

Process Improvement

  • Extensive experience in process improvement, both as internal and external consultant.
  • Hire equipment control – save thousands of dollars annually on pallets etc.
  • Undertake site process review and appropriate diagnosis to determine best practice options.
  • New product development procedures that address Supply Chain requirements.
  • Provide a report on findings including any recommended improvements for future development.
  • Implement appropriate training programmes and support acceptance of change.
  • Establish or review KPI’s to ensure they’re measurable and effective.


  • Prepare Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to provide proper & consistent training materials.
  • Develop Training Manuals and Quick Reference Guides to assist training.
  • Design and implement documentation to ease the use of existing or new “IT Solutions” including SAP, JD Edwards, iScala and proprietary systems.

Project management

  • Providing independent, focused leadership of projects within your business.
  • Change agent for manufacturing projects including local manufacture to imported supply chain model.
  • Business integration following corporate acquisitions.
  • System implementation – liaison with your system supplier to ensure your needs are met, including pilot testing. Providing a focused resource to oversee the project.
  • Evaluation of third party service providers. Implementation of new supply or distribution contracts as required.

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